Stewart Goldman, MD

Medical Director of Neuro-Oncology

Falk Brain Tumor Center at Children's Memorial Hospital

Dr. Goldman is a Professor of Pediatrics, and the Medical Director of Neuro-Oncology and a faculty member of the Falk Brain Tumor Center at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Dr. Goldman has a special interest in developing new therapies for the treatment of brain stem gliomas. Presently, he is the Principal Investigator in a multi-institutional trial of Thalidomide + Carboplatin for children with newly diagnosed and recurrent brain stem gliomas. Dr. Goldman is also the Principal Investigator for an institutional trial investigating the utility of tandem peripheral stem cell rescue in the treatment of recurrent malignant central nervous system (CNS) tumors. Dr. Goldman is the Study Coordinator for the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) non-germinomatous CNS germ cell tumor trial. His laboratory investigations include examining the safety and efficacy of the photon radiosurgery system (PRS) for the treatment of pediatric brain tumors. He is investigating the effectiveness of PRS radiation in a preclinical model. He is determining the response of C6 gliomas treated with irradiation using PRS, and will test the responsiveness of C6 glioma tumors treated with the combination of concurrent PRS irradiation and Irinotecan and Temozolamide. Trials using intra-arterial chemotherapy in C6 glioma implanted brain tumors in rats are also planned. His special interests are in brain tumor survivorship issues (collaborating with Lai and Cella), phase I/phase II developmental therapeutics, and clinical trials development.

Goldman PFM