Fundraising Opportunities

Whether you are a school, business, group or individual, there are many fun opportunities to get involved in the fundraising and awareness efforts of the Prayers From Maria Foundation.

Plan Your Own Fundraising Event!

Is your workplace or group looking for a way to make a difference? What better way than to help Prayers From Maria and our fight to end childhood cancer! Plant the Seeds and Grow the Movement with Prayers From Maria by planning your own fundraiser! Check out these ideas with several great ways for kids to get involved too! All of the thoughts and ideas are intended to be springboards for your own creativity and individualization. Each of the ideas can be adapted for appropriateness depending on the age level and the type of organization. For each event be sure to put together a clear statement of what you hope to accomplish and your goals for raising money for the Prayers From Maria Foundation.

Contact us and tell us about your event! We are happy to offer assistance with any Foundation materials you may need.

Have a great fundraising idea to add? Let us know!

Golf Outing

  • Organize a golf outing in your town benefitting Prayers From Maria.
  • Invite local businesses to sponsor a hole or donate prizes/certificates for participants and winners.

Student – Faculty Play-off Game

  • Choose a sport …volleyball, basketball, soccer or another one of your favorite sports…to compete against the teachers!
  • Organize a team of students and a team of teachers.
  • Advertise and sell tickets to the event

Give a Gift

  • Ask for donations to Prayers From Maria in lieu of gifts at a wedding or birthday party.
  • Send thank you notes that tell how much you raised for Prayers From Maria and thank them for making a difference in the lives of the children who are fighting this disease.

Rosary Marathon

  • Organize a sign up sheet divided into ½ hour segments
  • Each participant collects pledges
  • On a specified day each person, class, or group on the sign up sheet prays the rosary for their specified time.
  • Make sure there are no breaks in the schedule as this should be a continuous “marathon”

Garage Sale

  • Have a garage sale and donate proceeds to Prayers From Maria.
  • Advertise your garage sale and invite your neighbors to participate.

Break the Rules Day

  • Donate $1 to have crazy hair, wear jeans, chew gum, or anything else that is “against the rules” at your school.

Novena Candles

  • Purchase candles in bulk at a craft store to reduce the cost.
  • Decorate candles around a theme (i.e. Christmas or Easter)
  • Sell decorated candles in honor of someone you know, or in memory of someone you may have lost.
  • Donate proceeds to Prayers From Maria.


  • Get your class, youth group, or team to give up junk food for one week.
  • Donate the money you would have used for the snacks to the Prayers From Maria Foundation

Car Wash

  • Hold a weekend car wash in your school parking lot or neighborhood
  • Make fliers advertising your event

Costume Ball

  • Organize this event around Halloween and sell tickets.

Birthday Donations

  • Ask the guests at your next birthday party to bring a donation for the Prayers From Maria Foundation instead of a gift
  • You can do the same for your friend’s birthday. Make up a card explaining that a donation was given in their name.

Dance-, Read-, Walk-, Bike-, or Jump Rope-a-thon

  • Create a pledge sheet and decide where you will hold your event.
  • Collect pledges from family, friends, and neighbors for each hour you walk, dance, or jump; each book or number of minutes you read; or number of times you jump rope.
  • What kind of “-a-thon” can you think of?

Summer Job

  • Make yourself available this summer to babysit, mow lawns, walk dogs, etc.
  • Make a flier to pass out to your neighbors explaining your job and that the money you earn will be donated to the Prayers From Maria Foundation.

Bake Sale

  • Organize a Bake Sale at your school or office and donate profits to Prayers From Maria.
  • Invite students/co-workers to donate baked goods to your bake sale.

Face Painting Day

  • Designate a day…sports day, school spirit day, the day of the “big” game…when kids can get their faces painted for a donation.
  • Gather a group of older students to do the painting in the morning and let everyone wear their art all day!

Outdoor Summer Theatre

  • Ask your parents and their friends if they know anyone with a projector.
  • Organize a movie night --show a movie on the side of your house or on your garage and provide popcorn and drinks.
  • Choose a date and make fliers advertising your event.
  • Tell everyone to bring a blanket and pillows or a beach chair.
  • Charge admission. (the amount you would pay to see a movie at the theatre)

Cow Pie

Here’s a humorous idea, if you know someone with a cow!

  • You'll need one cow for about an hour, a football field, and a great sense of humor! Before the first football game of the season mark off a grid of 100 (or more) squares on the field. Number each square. Prior to the event sell one raffle ticket for each number on the field for $10 each.
  • After a good lunch, let the cow loose on the field. As the excited crowd waits, let the cow pick a place to "go". Whatever square the cow "goes" on wins 50% of the monies collected. The other 50% goes to the Prayers From Maria Foundation.

Guessing Jar

  • Fill a jar with something small; jelly beans, gumballs, Tootsie Rolls, etc.
  • Sell guesses for a specified amount
  • The guess closest to the correct amount wins the jar!

Penny Wars

  • Plan a Penny War at your school or office by asking students/co-workers to donate spare change to be donated to Prayers From Maria.
  • Create competition amongst classrooms or offices to see who can bring in the most spare change.

Principal Challenge

  • Challenge your principal or coach to shave his head or dye her hair a crazy color!
  • The students/team must raise a specified amount of money for the Prayers From Maria Foundation in a certain amount of time determined by you and your principal/coach. When you reach your goal your principal or coach needs to make good on the challenge!

Be a "Wallflower"

  • Make a donation to Prayers From Maria to decorate a paper sunflower.
  • Display decorated sunflowers on the wall in the hallway of your school, church, or community building.

Talent Show

  • Organize a talent show at your school to be held after school or on the weekend.
  • Sell tickets to the event.