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Kids lives are at stake. Despite the challenges of this past year, Prayers from Maria is bringing
Hope to children who will fight a brain cancer diagnosis. As research labs scrambled to retain
funding during the covid crisis, Prayers from Maria was able to initiate our $500,000 grant
commitment to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Cincinnati Children’s as well as continue
to support the All-In Initiative dedicated to improving efficiency of early clinical trials while
providing clinical benefit to children with highly aggressive brain tumors. This was possible
because of people like you. If anything, covid has helped us realize the importance of what
really matters in life. If you are blessed with the ability to help others during this time, please
consider the valuable work that Prayers from Maria does for children with cancer and make a
year-end donation today.

Donate to Prayers from Maria and help us bring more targeted, lifesaving treatments to children
battling deadly brain tumors. Every dollar donated is significant.

Thank you.

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