Ricky Rubio Supports Prayers From Maria

December 15th, 2021

Ricky Rubio Chooses Prayers From Maria As December's Featured Charity/Showcases Prayers From Maria at December 15th, 2021 game.

Ricky Rubio

The partnership between Ricky Rubio and Prayers From Maria emphasizes the importance of supporting children battling cancer. The high fatality rate of pediatric brain tumors underscores the urgency of dedicating more resources to this grossly underfunded disease that devastates our most vulnerable. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), there has been a substantial increase in childhood cancers over the past few decades. In fact, the overall rate has increased 27 percent since 1975 in kids under the age of 19. Pediatric brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer deaths in children 19 and under.

We had the chance to ask Ricky why he picked Prayers From Maria, about his Foundation, and living in Cleveland. Here is what he had to say:

1. How did you hear about PFM and why did you choose our charity?

The Cleveland Cavaliers Community Relations team shared a list of the main local nonprofits focusing on children's cancer (research and care). My foundation team selected the ones we considered were better aligned with our mission and positively impacted their communities. We thought The Ricky Rubio Foundation could help raise awareness and recognition. Your Foundation stood out, and I wanted to make sure you were included in this year's One Month One Cause program.

2. What does supporting a children's charity like ours mean to you?

This is the reason why I started my own Foundation, to help and support others who help. I understand that being a professional athlete I have a platform and a position to impact a lot of people, but also I do recognize that I cannot change the world only with my own resources.

With this vision of collaborating with other foundations that focus on similar goals, I make sure our impact is amplified and that other foundations that are doing a great job get recognition and visibility.

3. You've been affected by cancer. Please tell us how the experience changed you?

My mom got diagnosed with lung cancer back in the summer of 2012. After battling it for years, she ended up passing away in 2016. Being a cancer patient's family member is a life challenge, where you must support your family members and make sure you all stick together in the battle. The rounds of chemo, a lot of trips to the hospital, and seeing someone you love struggling are all part of the process, and I experienced it from within. I encourage people to look for advice, support, and, most importantly, for love from friends and family, as it is the best help you could get in those hard moments.

4. You started your own nonprofit. Can you tell us about it? What are the rewards and challenges for you?

My Foundation was born out of a promise I made to my mom before she passed away, with the mission of helping those in need. We are focusing on some specific areas: lung cancer, children without resources, and children with disabilities. The challenges are always accepting you cannot do as much as you want. The rewards are when a project goes as planned. We can see people getting involved and ultimately changing people's lives, giving them a chance they did not have before.

5. We've heard Cleveland is growing on you. What is it that you enjoy about Cleveland?

I always judge places based on the people I meet and the relationships I create. Cleveland has been welcoming to me, my family, and my friends. Therefore I only have words of gratitude to the community and from The Ricky Rubio Foundation, we will do our best to give all this love back.

Thank you, Ricky!

"Ricky's contributions to the foundation will do more than simply raise funds," says Megan McNamara, Co-Founder of the Prayers From Maria Foundation. "His position helps put a spotlight on the need for more to be done for our kids battling cancer. I'm very grateful to him for that. Through his own experience of loss to cancer, he is really doing a great and honorable thing. Speaking as a mother, I think his mom would be very proud of him. Our Foundation has received innumerable blessings over the years. We are humbled to count Ricky among them."

We hope to see you in the sunflower fields in 2022!